Welcome to JupiterCraft Reborn!

Here at JupiterCraft we run a family friendly * Survival * Creative * Factions * Mini-Game * Building * orientated minecraft server that runs purely to provide our players with a smooth and relaxed gaming experience like no other!

Our main goal here at JupiterCraft is to create a home away from home feeling where you can come to escape from reality!

The community is welcoming and friendly with staff that possess banter of the greatest kind, whilst also maintaining a borderline between messing about, and taking things too far creating a family friendly environment safe for kids of all ages!

The server has been around for 5+ years and has a famously rich history that will forever live on and grow stronger.

Register today and jump on the server to join in on the adventure and continue to add to the great community within the place we call home, JupiterCraft.

Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/ChsV4gF

Hope to see you soon,

- Arklelinuke, Kreebel, and Differsa (Owners)